Steve Herman

I am a researcher and professor of psychology at the University of Hawaii at Hilo. I study forensic child sexual abuse (CSA) evaluations, with a focus on understanding the sources and prevalence of errors in professional judgments about the validity of allegations or suspicions of CSA. I offer workshops on the science and practice of CSA evaluations for psychologists, judges, attorneys, law enforcement, child protection investigators, forensic interviewers, and others involved in the investigation and adjudications of cases of suspected CSA. I am also available to serve as an expert witness in criminal and civil litigation.

I have presented professional workshops on CSA evaluations in the USA, Canada, Australia, Norway, Finland, Spain, South Korea, Japan, and Brazil. In my workshops, I present, explain, and interprete scientific research findings in order to help participants 1) understand how and why professionals often make serious mistakes when they evaluate cases of suspected child sexual abuse and 2) learn how to recognize and prevent common errors. 

To give you a better idea of the content of my workshops, please see this brochure from a series of continuing education workshops that I presented in Australia at the invitation of the Australian Psychological Society. In addition, I created an online interactive continuing education presentation for the American Psychological Association. An 11-minute segment from the that presentation in which I explain and illustrate a common reasoning error in child sexual abuse evaluations is available here

My workshops receive high marks from participants.

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Steve Herman
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